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Collets for Single Spindle Automatics

Collets for Single Spindle Automatics

Gem manufactures Collets and Feed Fingers for Single Spindle Automatics accommodates part diameters up to 32mm and can completely machine complex parts in a single setup for fast production and high accuracy. This easy-access machine has 10 axes with a counter spindle and an interchangeable

We can manufacture and supply collets and feed fingers for the following single spindle automatics to various sizes mentioned below. We can manufacture different shapes like round, hexagon, square, octagan and so on., with minimum concentricity and even eccentric bore collets also


The advantages of Gem Single spindle Automatics are:

  • Higher spindle speeds for carbide tooling
  • Higher surface finishes
  • Improved tool life
  • Better machining tolerances
  • Covers larger bar diameter variations
  • Improves spindle bearing life
  • Reduces noise and vibrations
  • Substantially quieter running of profile bars


The benefits of Gem Single spindle Automatics are:

  • A straightening attachment and adjustable guide bushing are also included
  • It has thread whirling and other multi-axis functions necessary to produce complex medical components

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